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Bilateral Meetings

  • 07.11.2014 Friday (3:20pm- 6:20pm)

,,EMA “ D.O.O.Knić from Knic - Serbia is one of the leading companies in region in the field of producing special vehicles and bodies, mounting and the sale of trailers and semitrailers, as well as mounting and the sale of the tipper bodies. This is the main activity of our company. We are interested in the potential investors and distributors of our products.
As the leader ,, EMA “ has got the exclusive right to represent several leading European companies for mounting and distribution.
Besides successful positioning of our products on the surrounding European markets, ,,EMA“ also successfully positions its services of reparations (fixing) of the trailers, semitrailers, tanks, buses,etc.Some of the bigger European transport companies are already users of our services. Having system for anticorrosion protection of extreme technological value, ,, EMA“ using her services , especially sandblasting and painting , gives extraordinary new quality to the vehicles, trailers and semitrailers, that way extending the lifetime of the product.
Special aspiration of our company is positioning our products at the surrounding markets. That aspiration is confirmed by awareness of the appropriate quality of products that we posses, proved in a practical way, by using technology and experience of proved European bodybuilders and producers of the trailers. We offer You every form of business cooperation, but primarely we offer You our products that we can market as finished bodies or half-products in a KIT form.
We invite You to visit our company and to convince Yourself of the possibilities of satisfying European market demands, especially from the aspect of quality and the prices of
,,EMA “ products. At the same time we invite You to visit our website www.ema-knic.com.

Country: Serbia

Organization Type: Company

Organization Size: 51-100

Founding Year: 1991

Phone: +38134501010

Email: ema.djurdjevic@ema-knic.com

City: Knic ,bb, 34240 Knic Google map

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      Offer & Request


      *We offer the bodies for trailers and semitrailers
      *We are looking for potential investitors

      Cooperation Offered
      1. Outsourcing co-operation
      Cooperation Requested
      1. Outsourcing co-operation
      2. Manufacturing agreement
      3. Sales / Distribution
      4. Investment/Financing