Slobodan Spasovic , general director at CINI


Bilateral Meetings

  • 07.11.2014 Friday (3:20pm- 6:20pm)

Development-production centre CINI is established in 1977. with its headquarter in Cacak (Serbia). At the very beginning, company defined its business orientation as a development through wide range of innovative products and appropriate growth of production, maintained at the present time.
CINI today represents an example of successful Serbian company with a range of its own products, mainly in the field of thermotechnics. Company has applied and registered 15 patents, most of it main products of the company nowadays.

Country: Serbia

Organization Type: Company

Phone: +381325563305

Email: slobodan.spasovic@cini.co.rs

City: Cacak ,ul.15 bb, 32000 Cacak Google map

Areas of Activities




      Technology for production of Bimetal radiators

      CINI developed and constructed a NEW GENERATION OF BIMETAL RADIATORS, which are completely responding to all kind of unfavorable working conditions in the heating systems.
      Applying a range of original solutions, we created a special construction of radiators, which enables a fantastic 40% of savings in production material, as well as 20% higher thermal power per radiator section (in comparison to the existing bimetal radiators).
      CINI Bimet radiators combines the advantages of stainless steel (used for surfaces exposed to the thermal fluid (water)) with the advantages of extruded aluminium (used for outer surfaces).
      The original radiators’ construction provides:
      • The highest level of safety (absolute corrosion resistance, absence of hydrogen gas, any pressure and any water quality resistance)
      • Structural strength and durability
      • Comfort (absence of noise, maximum efficiency)
      • Safe habitability (absence of sharp edges, innovative design, specific dimensions)
      • 20-year warranty